About my painting process
Generally I paint “alla prima” and I do not respect the rule of “fat over lean” beacuse I paint with a very diluted color from start to finish. In the Transit Serie there is no drawing under the painting. The priming of the support (canvas or panel) with well-sanded acrylic gesso plays an important role since you will have to literally move masses of oil color directly onto the canvas. In addition to the smoothness, the preparation with white acrylic gesso helps increase the final overall brightness.
I called my first series of paintings made with this process ‘Transits’ just because, in addition to representing transitional moments for example between day and night or moments as resumed by a moving vehicle in transit, the masses of color are moved by a area of ​​the painting, I will have a little dark in the light and the light in the dark. The use of large, flat, wide brushes (as suggested by Gerhard Richter in The daily practice of painting) is fundamental.
Note to Rich S.
In the video below there is a moment of my painting process, the background is not dry, in fact it has just been painted a minute before, when I go to paint another layer this will be mixed with the background precisely because everything is still not dry.
Federico Mazza