The Transits Serie of paintings come from daily life, never from an exceptional source, they come from places that have been seen one time after another, always with a short glance, never paying much attention.

Federico Mazza


Real Spaces that have a sense only inside us, full filled of silence, disturbing silence, they caught the moment right before or right after an action, it feels almost obligatory to hold your breath to understand better the flowing instant of what has happened and we won’t ever know. Places seen, filtered and transformed by the artist to then recollect them in the painting, fragments of memory that hide the artist’s referents and invite us to observe and explore them with caution. Fragments t reconnect infinitively, like an invisible line transporting a message that mutates, it never really reveals completely to the audience. Behind a good technical preparation, there is the need of a search, this painting exist thanks after a process of observation that touches the various study fields, from the scientific one to the pure emotional one.

Sandra Miranda Pattin 


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